Product Design and Development

Our design process can be broken down into three distinct phases; research, response, and result. Our methodology provides our clients with comprehensive support from initial product research, right through to manufacturing, and market penetration. We’re directly involved in every phase of the development process and, in result, ensure that the envisioned design solution is realized in accordance to our clients’ requirements.

This is where the groundwork is laid. Extensive research is the foundation of our process allowing us to fully comprehend client needs, market dynamics and competitors in order to produce quality products with the greatest amount of market success. As a result of our research the product is defined and the process takes on a definitive direction. Good research is the driving force behind every successful design solution.

Our Response is based on the research we’ve compiled and product conceptualization is now in full swing. The most successful concepts are taken to the next step as they are transformed into 3D models where ergonomic, manufacturability, customer usability, maintenance, safety and environmental considerations are applied. From there, we create functional prototypes in order to achieve the desired aesthetic and functionality.

The Result stage of our process is just that; the Result of a successful collaboration throughout the Research and Response stages. The decided upon Response is brought together with final CAD data and technical drawings that will aid in the Tooling and Manufacturing stages. The Result of this is a product that meets client and consumer needs while providing Market Success through Industrial Design.

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