Design Directive Inc is a multidisciplinary network of product development and manufacturing professionals led under the creative direction of Tom Korzen. We specialize in the creation of forward-thinking, disruptive products that capitalize on emerging market trends. We envision and develop innovative products through prudent application of user research and proven design principles. Our work spans a wide spectrum of industries including consumer, telecom, and healthcare products.

Our creative professionals utilize a proprietary development platform that addresses a multitude of critical and, often neglected, design factors. Pivotal aspects of Design for Environment and Design for Manufacturing frameworks are incorporated into our platform in an effort to deliver efficient, marketable, and financially and ecologically sustainable solutions. In short, our methodology strives to align user needs, ecological responsibility, new technologies, with business objectives to ensure the resulting product is met with success in today’s competitive marketplace.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the product development and manufacturing industry, we have developed a very broad network of trustworthy and reliable manufacturers all over Asia and abroad. As such, we can help you to minimize risk by helping you to navigate around all the common and costly pitfalls often associated with offshore manufacturing. In addition, our team of engineers and quality control inspectors will ensure that manufacturing specifications are being followed with utmost accuracy and attention to detail. 

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